How Much Is Boxed Wine?

While the average bottle of wine costs around $28 for 750 milliliters in the U.S., the average boxed wine costs around $14 for 3 liters, according to the State of the Wine Industry Report 2019. Upscale wine brands Jenny & François Selections launched the eco-friendly From the Tank natural boxed wine brand in 2008.
A five-liter box (most boxed wines are only three liters) costs less than $20 – that comes out to $0.46 per glass! But outside of the amazing price, Franzia’s Dark Red Blend also impressed us with its rich bouquet.

Is a box of wine worth the price?

But the value also a product of the cheaper shipping costs, and more and more, wine that’s available in bottles also comes in a box, at a relative savings. Take the Bridge Lane Red Blend. A 3-liter box is not much more than double the price of a 750ml bottle, making it a great deal.

How many bottles of wine are in a box?

This also means that you don’t have to drink more wine than you want to. You get more wine for your money. An average box of wine is equivalent to four bottles of wine. If you compare the prices, you will notice that a box of wine does not cost as much as four bottles of wine.

How much does a 3 L box of wine cost?

Black Box Rose, Blush Wine, 3 L Box Add $19.98 current price $19.98 19.7 ¢/fl oz Black Box Rose, Blush Wine, 3 L Box Tomorrow Franzia Refreshing White White Wine, 5 Liter Add $12.98 current price $12.98 7.7 ¢/oz

What is boxed wine?

Boxed wine ( cask wine) is wine packaged in a bag-in-box. Wine is contained in a plastic bladder typically with an air-tight valve emerging from a protective corrugated fiberboard box. It serves as an alternative to traditional wine bottling in glass with a cork or synthetic seal.

Is boxed wine cheap?

The main reason box wines are cheaper is because the raw material used to produce box wine packaging costs less than that of the material used to make glass packaging.

Is box wine expensive?

Boxed wine has traditionally been seen as a cheap-and-cheerful value product. “Currently they are less expensive and can be a bargain,” says Brown. Sometimes it comes down to a less-than-premium wine in the box.

How much is a box of Franzia wine?

Exactly how much wine is in the bag? And how much are consumers paying for it? Franzia comes in three sizes: a 1.5- liter box that serves 10 standard pours, a 3-liter box that serves 20, and a 5-liter box that serves 34 (the equivalent of just under seven standard bottles of wine).

What is a good cheap box wine?

The lineup above, in the order we tried them:

  • The Naked Grape Pinot Noir, $17.99 per box ($4.49 per bottle)
  • Bota Box Chardonnay, $19.99 ($4.99 per bottle)
  • Franzia White Zinfandel, $19.99 per box ($3.33 per bottle)
  • Trader Joe’s Block Red Cabernet Sauvignon, $11.99 per box ($2.99 per bottle)

How many bottles is a box of wine?

An average box of wine is equivalent to four bottles of wine. If you compare the prices, you will notice that a box of wine does not cost as much as four bottles of wine.

What is a good boxed wine?

  • The Overall Best Boxed Wine. Wineberry Chateau du Chatelard Beaujolais 2018.
  • The People Pleaser. Black Box Pinot Noir 2019.
  • The Best White Wine. Black Box Sauvignon Blanc.
  • The Best Box From Trader Joe’s. Domaine Bousquet Natural Origins Organic Malbec.
  • A Bolder Choice We Loved. Bota Box Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • The Best Sweet Wine.

How many bottles of wine are in a box of Franzia?

Our box replaces about 6 bottles of wine, saving glass and corks.

How many glasses of wine are in a box?

750 ml standard wine bottle = 25.4 oz, or five glasses. 1.5 liter wine ‘magnum’ bottle = 50.8 oz, or ten glasses. 3 liter wine bottle or box = 101.6 oz, or 20 glasses. 4 liter wine bottle = 135 oz, or 27 glasses.

Is Franzia boxed wine any good?

Franzia wines are decent quality wines from the price, and there are other advantages to choosing boxed wines as well. If you’re looking for a decent, consistent every day drinker, there’s likely a Franzia boxed wine that will meet your needs.

Is Franzia actually wine?

Franzia is a brand of wine produced by The Wine Group, known for its box wines sold in 3 and 5-liter cartons. Franzia wines, throughout their history, were known as affordable table wines, popular in the 1960s and 1970s as ‘jug wine’, and now as ‘box wine’.

How many bottles of wine are in a 3 liter box?

Size: 3 L, holds 4 standard bottles or 20 glasses of wine.

How long will boxed wine last?

Boxed wine is not designed for aging. Consume it within 6-8 months of purchase and the quality will be up to par. On the upside, open a box and the wine will stay fresh for six weeks, unlike a bottle that will go sour after one.

How many glasses do you get from a bottle of wine?

Standard Bottle – A standard bottle of wine is 750ml, or 25 fluid ounces, and will net you about 5 glasses of wine.

Is there a difference between boxed wine and bottled wine?

For some wines, the only difference is the packaging—the same wine can be put in either a bottle or a bag in a box. As an added bonus, boxed wines are usually made from recycled materials, and weighing less than glass, they can have a lighter impact on the environment.

What is the best rated box wine?

  • Asda Soave White boxed wine 2.25L. This refreshing white wine has a lemon and floral aroma with some ripe pear notes.
  • Co-op Fairtrade White Blend Box 3ltr. A very drinkable white with delicate aromas of apple and citrus followed by tangy lemon and green apple flavours.
  • Pheasant Gully Semillon Chardonnay 2019.

How much does a box of wine cost?

They all come in 3 Liter boxes & the other brands range from $15-$20 per box. Pretty hard to beat this deal at $12.99, unless you prefer the other brands. It contains 13% alcohol by volume & even comes with some opening & pouring instructions on the side. Scroll down for the photos.

How much wine in a box of wine?

Big, 3-liter boxes are equivalent to four 750ml bottles of wine, and a bottle of wine yields five 5-ounce glasses. So, you get 20 glasses of wine from that size box. A smaller, totable box, like the one the Bandit Pinot Grigio comes in, is a 1-liter size. That gives you just about 7 glasses of wine.

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