What Is Sotol Tequila?

Sotol is a clear, earthy spirit that is frequently referred to as ″tequila’s wild little brother.″ It is mostly manufactured in Mexico.The desert spoon plant that is used to manufacture it thrives in the wild, particularly in the Chihuahua area of Mexico.However, it may be found as far south as Oaxaca and as far north as Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, depending on the variety of the plant.

What exactly is sotol?Sotol is a distillate manufactured from a kind of shrub known as Dasylirion wheeleri, which is also known as desert spoon in some circles.This is in contrast to tequila and mezcal, which are made from the agave plant.It is not an agave distillate, according to Ivy Mix, co-owner of Leyenda, a bar and restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.″People frequently believe it is an agave distillate, but it is not,″ she adds.

Is sotol the new Tequila?

Sotol appears to be the latest rising star in the world of Mexican spirits. Tequila is a well-known liquor produced in the Mexican state of Jalisco from the blue weber agave plant. Mezcal, on the other hand, is already well-established on the market. Sotol is another another traditional Mexican spirit that is attempting to take over the world’s bars and nightclubs.

Is sotol an agave spirit?

The popularity of agave-based spirits has grown throughout the years, from tequila to mezcal, among consumers.However, there is a lesser-known spirit called sotol, which many people believe is comparable to other Mexican liquors.Due of this, some people believe sotol is also derived from the agave plant, which causes some misunderstanding.However, it is not an agave-based spirit in the least!

What does sotol taste like?

In addition, the menthol profile has been enhanced, and the sotol plant flavor has a vanilla-like feel to it. The finish is lengthy, and a bitter orange peel emerges late in the process. What a playful vibe with a great deal of nuance! Overall, this is a lovely spirit that is quite distinct from tequila..

How is sotol different than tequila?

How Sotol Differs from Tequila: While both sotol and tequila are derived from wild plants, sotol is only produced from wild-harvested sotol plants (also known as Dasylirion), which can only be found in the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, and Durango in Mexico. Tequila is, of course, a product made from the agave plant.

What is the best way to drink sotol?

Because sotol, like other high-quality agave spirits, is best appreciated when consumed straight, but both unaged and aged sotols make excellent cocktail components.

What is the difference between mezcal and sotol?

However, there is a significant distinction.Whereas Mezcal is made from agave, sotol is made from a related group of plants in the dasylirion genus, which are referred to as sotol in Spanish and desert spoon in English.Sotol is made from a related group of plants in the dasylirion genus, which are referred to as sotol in Spanish and desert spoon in English.Dasylirion are spherical, prickly plants that have a thick inner core that may be roasted, fermented, and distilled in the same way as agave is.

What is the difference between sotol and agave?

The most significant distinction is that Sotol is not manufactured from agave. The plant has a similar appearance to the agave plant. It also has a ″pia,″ similar to agave plants, and it is processed in the same way as pias from an agave are. Originally, the desert spoon plant was classed as an agave when it was first identified in 1934.

Is Texas sotol tequila?

What is Texas Sotol, and how does it work? Texas spirit created from the evergreen sotol plant, which may be found in Texas and Mexico, is really one-of-a-kind. While it has a smoother taste than whiskey and a less smoky flavor than mezcal, it does not burn like tequila.

Can sotol be made in Texas?

Despite its official categorization, sotol is produced across Mexico as well as the southwestern United States, with the majority of production taking place in West Texas.

Is sotol like tequila?

Sotol, on the other hand, is absent of the strong citrus flavor that characterizes tequila. The production procedure is identical to that of tequila, with the exception that only wild agave is used. These agave plants reach maturity at a young age of 12 to 15 years and are certified organic. The plants used in sotol produce far less output than other techniques.

How strong is sotol?

After then, the distillation process starts up. Because to IZO’s use of a double-distillation process, its sotol has a smooth and clean finish while maintaining a 47 percent alcohol by volume. The flavor is unique to the area, with grassy and earthy overtones that bring out the richness of the plant’s natural sweetness.

What is Sotol Reposado?

Distiller Pro is a professional distilling system. This sotol reposado has been matured in fresh French oak barrels for six months. The USDA has confirmed that it is organically grown. Sotol is neither a tequila, nor is it even made from agave plants. This agave-like plant, also known as a dasylirion wheeler or desert spoon, is used to make this elixir of life.

Where can sotol be made?

Known as the official spirit of Chihuahua, Durango, and Coahuila, sotol liquor is a Mexican alcoholic beverage that originated in Mexico. Since 2002, Sotol has had its own appellation of origin, and it is only permitted to be produced in the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, and Durango.

What does desert door sotol taste like?

This sotol has a grassy, creamy flavor, and the vegetal overtones represent the terroir of the desert where it was grown.

How do you make sotol alcohol?

To manufacture sotol, the hearts of the desert spoon are removed from the rest of the plant and roasted for up to three days in an underground wood-fired pit before being milled by hand and allowed to ferment in open-air vats. Following fermentation, the liquid is moved to stills in order to be refined into a pure alcohol.

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