What Temperature Should Wine Be Stored At?

The perfect temperature depends on various factors, including how much fruit, alcohol, and tannin the wine contains. As a general rule of thumb, wine should be stored around 11-14˚c (52-57°F).
– Store wine in the dark. Exposure to light can affect the taste of wine, particularly white wine. – Store wine at the right humidity. The low relative humidity in the average home can cause wine bottle corks to shrink slightly, allowing oxygen into the bottle and spoiling the – Store wine at the right temperature. – Store wine away from vibrations.

What temperature should red wine be stored?

Therefore, without further ado, let’s get into it! What temperature should red wine be stored at? Red wine should be stored in a wine fridge at the officially cited temperature of 55 degrees. This is known as the wine storage temperature.

What is the serving temperature of white wine?

White wine should be stored in a wine cooler at the temperature of 55°F. This is referred to as the wine storage temperature. However, the serving temperature of white wine depends on the type of wine it is, as we can see from the image:

What is the ideal temperature to store wine?

The ideal wine storage temperature is 55 – 59 °F (12 – 15 °C) and 55 – 75% humidity.

What temperature do you keep a wine fridge?

The ideal temperature range is between 45° F and 65° F (and 55° F is often cited as close to perfect), though this isn’t an exact science. Don’t fret too much if your storage runs a couple degrees warmer, as long as you’re opening the bottles within a few years from their release.

What is the best temperature to store red and white wine?

Whether you use a wine cellar, a wine cooler, or a wine refrigerator, the degree spectrum typically stays the same. Generally, if you’re storing wines for any length of time, keep both red and white wines at 55° F, but it all really depends on the varietal.

Can wine storage be too cold?

Wine can safely be stored at from 40 to 65 degrees, but the “perfect” temperature really comes down to how long you plan to store the wine. Colder storage temperatures delay this chemical process, slowing the aging of the wine. Conversely, warmer temperatures hasten the process, aging the wines more quickly.

What temperature will ruin wine?

Temperatures over 70 degrees for a significant amount of time can permanently taint the flavor of wine. Above 80 degrees or so and you are literally starting to cook the wine. Wine heat damage tastes unpleasantly sour and jammy… sort of like canned prunes.

What is the proper way to store wine?

The key takeaway should be to store your wine in a dark and dry place to preserve its great taste. If you can’t keep a bottle entirely out of light, keep it inside of a box or wrapped lightly in cloth. If you opt for a cabinet to age your wine, be sure to select one with solid or UV-resistant doors.

What temperature should you drink red wine Celsius?

Perfect Drinking Temperature for Wine. Perfect drinking temperature for Red Wines: 12˚C <>, White Wine: 8˚C < 12˚c,='' champagne='' dessert='' wine:='' 5˚c='' and='' 7˚c.='' red='' wine='' should='' be='' uncorked='' and='' decanted='' at='' least='' 30/60='' minutes='' before=''>

How should you store red wine after opening?

Store wine in a cold, dark place.

Place your open, re-corked bottles in the refrigerator (or a dedicated wine fridge if you have one). If you don’t like the taste of cold red wine, remove the wine bottle from the fridge about one hour before serving. It will be back to room temperature by the time you pour it.

What temperature do you set a wine cooler?

How do I adjust the temperature on my wine cooler? UP and DOWN triangles with ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols. Use the button with a triangle pointed up to raise the temperature in 1-degree increments. Use the button with a triangle pointed down to lower the temperature in 1-degree increments.

Should red wine be chilled?

According to wine experts, red wine is best served in the range of 55°F–65°F, even though they say that a room temperature bottle is optimal. When red wine is too cold, its flavor becomes dull. But when red wines are too warm, it becomes overbearing with alcohol flavor.

How long can I store wine at room temperature?

How long can you store wine at room temperature? Don’t worry, you haven’t destroyed your wine just yet. Wine can be stored at room temperature for about 6 months before any major damage has occurred, assuming it’s not in direct sunlight or by your furnace.

Can cold weather ruin wine?

If you live in a colder climate, you may be wondering how the cold affects your wine. The good news is that cool temperatures are not nearly as dangerous to wine as heat. As long as the wine is gradually cooled and does not experience a sharp drop in temperature, the cold will not affect the aging process.

Can cold temperature ruin wine?

Extreme cold is not nearly as bad for wine as extreme heat. The concern about cold temperatures and wine is that if the bottle gets really cold for an extended period, the liquid inside will expand as it freezes, and it could put pressure on the cork or even crack the bottle. Wine freezes at around 15° to 20° F.

Can I store red wine at 45 degrees?

Ideal Temperature Range for Red Wine Storage

The ideal temperature range for storing red wine is between 45°F and 65°F (8°C and 18°C) with the sweet spot of 55°F (12°C). For long-term storage (wines you’ll hold for a year or longer), you’ll want to pay strict attention to maintaining that ideal temperature of 55°F.

Which temperature should be recommended in serving wine?

– Sparkling and Light-Bodied White Wines: “Ice Cold” between 38–45°F / 3-7°C – Rosé and Full-Bodied White Wines: “Fridge Cold” between 44–55°F / 7-12°C – Light and Medium-Bodied Red Wines: “Cool” between 55–60°F / 12-15°C – Bold Red Wines: “Slightly Cool” between 60–68°F / 15-20°C – Dessert Wines: Depends on style.

What’s the best temperature for clearing wine?

Keep it around 70 to 75 and you’ll be fine. the clearing agent should say what temp is optimal. without any clearing agents, the cooler the temp, the better for settling out. cold stabalization is a good idea (2-4 weeks of ~35-40F) and keeping wine at 50-55F steady will help to clear it up.

Do you serve wine at the correct temperature?

There are a range of proper serving temperatures for wine. Serve red wines slightly cooler than room temperature, between 62–68 degrees F (15–20 °C). Generally speaking, serve white wines slightly warmer than fridge temperature, between 49-55 degrees F (7–12 °C).

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