Where To Buy Shaoxing Wine?

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What is Shaoxing wine?

Shaoxing wine is a Chinese rice wine used for drinking and cooking. The wine is named after a famous wine making city of the same name in China. Shaoxing rice wine is made from brown glutinous rice and commonly aged for 10 or more years. The resulting flavor resembles the taste of dry sherry.

Is Shaoxing rice wine the same as Cream sherry?

The recipe called for Shaoxing rice wine or dry sherry. I didn’t know that cream sherry was sweet and Shaoxing was dry. I can’t recall what I made but it was no bueno. Then he took me to a Chinese market where I had a hard time figuring out Shaoxing rice wine. Some were cooking wines shelved in one area and there were others in the liquor area.

What is a good substitute for Shaoxing wine?

There are ‘cooking Shaoxing wines,’ but just as with other ‘cooking wines’ or ‘cooking Sherry,’ they tend to be quite inferior and most always contain salt. Use equal amounts of Dry Sherry – which is our top choice for a substitute for several reasons. First, it’s easy to find in most grocery stores that sell alcohol or any liquor store.

What is the best Cheap Wine to buy in China?

Shaoxing wine is affordable. I’ve seldom spent more than $10 at a Chinese market. Most often, the wine costs less than $5 per bottle. Pagoda Brand has long been heralded as the go-to brand. There are many Pagodas so be observant when checking out the labels.

Where can I find Shaoxing wine?

Shaoxing wine can be commonly found at any Chinese grocery store, and there are quite a few brands. Most of them come in a red bottle (one brand seems to have created the design and others followed suit).

What can I use as a substitute for Shaoxing wine?

The best substitutes for Shaoxing Wine / Chinese Cooking Wine are as follows: Dry sherry – that’s right, just every day cheap and cheerful dry sherry; Mirin – a Japanese sweet cooking wine. If you use this, omit or reduce sugar called for in the recipe because Mirin is much sweeter than Chinese Cooking Wine.

Is Shaoxing wine the same as rice wine vinegar?

Common varieties of rice wine include Shaoxing (Chinese rice wine), mirin (sweet Japanese rice wine), and sake (dry Japanese rice wine). Rice Vinegar Rice vinegar, also referred to rice wine vinegar (which further adds to the confusion), is made by fermenting the sugars in rice first into alcohol, and then into acid.

Is mirin the same as Shaoxing wine?

Some sources will tell you that mirin is a great Shaoxing wine substitute, and it will do in a pinch if you cut the sugar out of your recipe. A better, closer choice is dry sherry (not cooking sherry). Mirin is sweeter than Shaoxing wine, which has a deep, aromatic, and slightly sweet flavor.

Can I use white wine instead of Shaoxing wine?

A regular dry white wine for cooking is definitely not the same as a traditional Shaoxing wine, but it could add a nice subtle alcoholic flavor to a dish—it will work as a rice wine substitute in a pinch. Just be sure to use a dry white wine and not a sweet one.

What does Shaoxing wine taste like?

For those who are unfamiliar with it, Shaoxing rice wine doesn’t smell much like alcohol. Some think it has a very particular taste: vinegary, spicy and caramel-like. Playing an important role in Chinese cuisine, Shaoxing rice wine is commonly used for everyday cooking.

Which Shaoxing wine is best?

The best Shaoxing wine brand

Our favorite brand of Shaoxing wine is Pagoda Huadiao Rice Wine No Salt. It’s been around forever. You can also get a salted version on Amazon.

Is Shaoxing the same as sake?

While both are made from fermenting rice, they are definitely not interchangeable. In appearance and flavour they are quite distinct, as liuzhou says. You can read about sake here and shaoxing here.

Does Walmart carry Chinese cooking wine?

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What does mijiu taste like?

Mijiu is usually drunk warm, like the Japanese sake and Korean cheongju, and is also used in cooking.


Bottles of mijiu
Type Rice wine
Ingredients Glutinous rice
Related products Huangjiu, jiuniang, sake, cheongju

Can you replace rice vinegar with white vinegar?

Try substituting white wine vinegar for rice vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. Summary White wine vinegar has an acidic taste that is slightly less sweet than rice vinegar. Use an equal amount of white wine vinegar in place of rice vinegar, adding 1/4 teaspoon (1 gram) of sugar per tablespoon (15 ml) of vinegar.

What is the difference between Hua Tiao and Shaoxing wine?

The names Shaoxing and Hua Diao are used interchangeably as they are the same type of wine. The bottle above is labelled with both names “紹興花雕酒”. Although it is not exactly the same, you can substitute Shaoxing/Hua Diao wine with any non-fruity dry white wine or Japanese sake.

Can I not use Shaoxing wine?

If you don’t have Shaoxing Wine you can substitute:

Most importantly, the flavor is very similar (sherry is sweeter and ‘nuttier’.) Make sure to select a dry rather than sweet sherry. And, as a bonus, sherry can be used in many recipes.

What can I substitute for Shaoxing wine?

  • Dry Sherry. This dry fortified wine is typically used in small amounts to cook things like stews,meats,and sauces.
  • Mirin. This is an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine,often used in the same way as Shaoxing,for seasoning and thickening.
  • Sake.
  • White Grape Juice+Rice Vinegar.
  • Dry White Wine.

Is xiaoshing wine the same as Shaoxing wine?

Shaoxing Wine vs Sake Shaoxing Wine. To begin with, this wine is also known as Shaoxing wine or Chinese cooking wine. It has become an important ingredient for Chinese recipes (it adds the perfect Chinese flavor to the recipes). It is widely used in Chinese restaurants for soup broths, stir-fries, wontons, and marinades. It wouldn’t be wrong

Is Shaoxing wine and rice wine the same?

One is “rice wine” (米酒) which has no colour and looks like water. We use it in most of our Chinese and Taiwanese dishes. It’s made by normal rice while the other is “Shaoxing rice wine” (紹興酒) which usually has brown colour. It’s made by glutinous rice. These two wines have a different taste and flavour but they both can be used in different dishes.

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