Who Is The Boxer In The 1800 Tequila Commercial?

On Facebook, Ryan Garcia is posting ″Behind the Scenes of My 1800 Cristalino Commercial.″

Who is the guy singing in the 1800 Tequila commercial?

Just a month after receiving a Grammy nomination, the Kit-Kat ambassador has his voice used in the latest advertising campaign from 1800 Tequila. Using the Chicagoan’s line from the Octave Minds song ″Tap Dance″ as the backdrop for a commercial featuring a boxer who also moonlights as a pianist, the 1800 Tequila commercial is a hit.

Who is the actor in the 1800 commercial?

In October 2013, 1800 launched a new international advertising campaign, which featured actor Ray Liotta in four advertisements directed by Anthony Mandler and shown in over 100 countries worldwide.

Is 1800 Tequila Jose Cuervo?

To access the main menu, click here. 1800 A brand of tequila produced in Mexico and owned by the Beckmann family, which also owns the Jose Cuervo tequila brand.

What was the first 100 Proof tequila made?

That same year, the Select Silver label was established, marking the first and only time a transparent tequila was made with 100 proof. It was in 2006 that 1800 debuted The Ultimate Margarita, a 19.9 proof cocktail that is the only pre-mixed, ready-to-serve margarita mix that is manufactured only with 100 percent blue agave tequila (1800 Silver).

Who is the boxer in the 1800 commercial?

Kirk Newmann’s Biography may be found on IMDb.

Who is the actor in the 1800 Tequila commercial?

The ad for 1800 Tequila Silver, titled ‘Traffic Jam,’ features Ray Liotta.

What is the song on the 1800 Tequila commercial?

DJ Taurus’ song ″Moments Worth Reaching,″ which is included in the 1800 Cristalino Tequila television ad, is featured in the commercial.

What is the song in the new tequila commercial?

Patron’s new TV and internet commercials will include a stripped-down acappella rendition of the song ″Gracias A La Vida,″ sung by singer-songwriters Jessie Reyez, Amber Mark, and Fousheé, with production by Grammy Award-winning producer Andres Levin.

What is tequila Cristalino?

When it comes down to it, cristalino is just plain old-fashioned tequila that has been filtered (typically through charcoal) to eliminate the naturally occurring hues that have developed as a result of spending time in the barrel.

Who are the singers in the tequila commercial?

″Gracias a la Vida,″ which translates to ″Thanks to Life″ in English, is the theme of the national ″Simple Yet Perfect″ campaign from MullenLowe LA, which features musical artists Jessie Reyez, Amber Mark, and Fousheé singing an a cappella and bilingual version of the ballad, which was first released in 1966 by Chilean artist Violeta Parra.

Who sings the song on the patron commercial?

Jessie Reyez, Amber Mark and Fousheé join to commemorate the enthusiasm behind Patron. They sing an a cappella version of “Gracias A La Vida,’ a Latin American ballad.

Who is the group in the patron commercial?

PATRN® Tequila collaborates with award-winning artist Jessie Reyez to create a piece that pays tribute to the natural ingredients that have been masterfully combined to create a really perfect tequila.

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