How to make a Mojito – a classic recipe

This is a genuine mojito recipe. I made the recipe just one serving, but you may scale it up or down to fill a pitcher. It’s a great drink to have on hot summer days.

So here’s our best Mojito recipe: made the classic way! It’s pared back to its essentials, following the classic definition and sweetened just enough. Then, try different types of Mojito recipe variations: in every color and flavor! Strawberry, coconut, pineapple, watermelon…each one is uniquely refreshing.

The history of mojitos

You can make a Mojito with a lot of different kinds of rum, and it has a recipe that is known all over the world, too. There is a 16th-century cocktail called El Draque that can be traced back to Cuba, where this drink came from. El Draque was named after Sir Francis Drake, an English sea captain and explorer who visited Havana in 1586. It was made with aguardiente, lime, mint, and sugar, and it was named after Drake because he was a sea captain and explorer. It was said to be used for medicinal reasons, but it’s easy to think that drinkers liked its taste and effects.

Finally, rum took the place of aguardiente and the name was changed to the Mojito. “Sloppy Joe’s Bar Cocktail Manual,” a book from a well-known Havana bar, is where the Mojito first appeared in cocktail literature in 1932. It’s not clear when this happened.

How to make a mojito?

  • In a tall glass, add the sugar, fresh mint, and a splash of the club soda.
  • Pour the juice from the two halves of lime into a glass. If you want, you can put a squeezed half in the glass.
  • Add the rum and mix it in.
  • Fill the glass with ice cubes, then add club soda.
  • Sprout some mint on top. Serve and eat.


  1. The juice of one lime
  2. 1 tsp of granulated white sugarMint
  3. leaves and a sprig to serve: 60ml
  4. “White Rum”
  5. Soda water

To make mojitos, you need to know what kind of rum you should use.

It’s best to use white rum in a mojito recipe that you see in a lot of places. good rum is important because there are only a few other ingredients in the drink.

When you don’t have a muddler, how do you mix mint?

To lightly crush the mint and get its oils out, you can use the back of a wooden spoon. If you don’t have one, you can always use the back of a spoon.

What else can be done?

This mojito recipe is great! I have made this many times for different groups, and all of them have asked me for the recipe. That doesn’t mean the recipe can’t be better. Even though it takes longer to dissolve and the drink looks darker, I have used unrefined cane sugar. I’ve also used regular, granulated sugar when I couldn’t get my hands on the superfine sugar. My rum use has also been different. My conclusion: The drink is already sweet, so I don’t like to use “heaping” teaspoons. Also, the 1/4 cup of rum is a good starting point to add more to taste if you want to.

Mojitos are one of my favorite drinks right now, and I’ve been using Diet 7up instead of club soda because I like it better. This was a big hit with me! Sugar and lime juice were the only things I used. This will happen again at the LTH house. There’s a party going on for Jennifer.

This is a great mojito for how much work it took to make. If you really do a good job with the “muddle,” it tastes good. We have found that a straw is the best way to enjoy this drink. A straw helps you drink it. All the good stuff is on top, and you can taste it all from the first sip.

Perfect! To save money, I didn’t buy diet Sprite. A lot of mint has taken over my garden, and this is a great way to use it up.