How To Make A Cake In The Shape Of A Beer Can?

You’ll need a 12-pack of your favorite beer (18-24 pack if you’re more experienced).2 bristle boards (carved into three rings with diameters of 3′′, 6′′, and 9′′) Pick up some of your beer-loving friends’ favorite brews.You may use the same beers over and over again, or you can mix it up with new sorts of beers.

The size of your beer can cake is determined by the number of packs of beer or beer cans that you have on hand….

How do you make a beer garden out of cans?

Begin with a 12′′ circle and arrange 11 beers around the outer perimeter, with three cans in the center of the circle.Spread a ten-inch circle on top of the initial layer, then place nine additional cans around the circumference of the circle.It’s time to finish up with the final 8-inch circle of cardboard, which will include the remaining six beers along the outside and one in the centre.

Dress it up a little!

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