What Can You Mix Tequila With?

  1. With Tequila Triple Sec + Lime, what should you mix it? (a Margarita) The margarita is unquestionably the most popular tequila cocktail, followed by the Paloma, Orange Juice + Grenadine (a Tequila Sunrise), Tomato Juice (a Bloody Maria), Lemon Juice + Simple Syrup + Club Soda (a Tequila Collins), Lager Beer (a Corona Sunrise), Club Soda
  2. And a Tequila Sunrise.

– Pour approximately one ounce of tequila into a tequila glass or snifter. – Add ice and stir. Gently swirl the tequila around in the glass. – Take a little drink and swirl the tequila about in your mouth for about 10 seconds, allowing the alcohol to travel across different sections of your tongue to get a better taste. – Take a deep breath and repeat!

What soda is the best to mix with tequila?

  1. Coke, Sprite (lemon-lime soda), Coca-Cola, orange soda, flavored sodas, ginger beer (or ginger ale), grapefruit soda, and seltzer are all examples of carbonated beverages.

What kind of drinks can you make with tequila?

  1. Margarita with blackberries and lemonade. Consider the following combo to send your taste senses into overdrive:
  2. Margaritas with berries: Blackberry Margarita, Blood Moon Margarita, Blue Bulldog Margarita, Blood Orange Margarita, Blue Coconut Margarita, Blackberry Mango Margarita, Beergarita Fishbowl, Beer Jello Shots, Blue Margarita Pitcher, Blackberry Mango Margarita, Beergarita Fishbowl, Blue Margarita Pitcher

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