Who Owns Tavi Tequila?

  1. Tavi, a premium tequila brand, is regarded as one of the cleanest brands of tequila in the world owing to the fact that it is manufactured from just the finest sections of blue agave plants.
  2. Tavi Tequila is made in small batches and is available in limited quantities.
  3. Tavi Tequila is owned and run by Tavi Eggertson, a successful entrepreneur and tequilero.
  4. It is distilled in Jalisco, Mexico, in the world’s highest elevated tequila distillery, where it is known as Tavi Tequila.

Founder and CEO of TAVI Tequila, Tavi Eggertson, commented, ″While we do not know how long this epidemic will endure, we do know that our dedication to our community is strong.″

While many tequilas begin with a legend, Tavi Tequila got its start with a trip to the doctor’s office. Tavi, our company’s creator, was diagnosed with an allergy to the filthy alcohols of the world. In order to maintain his excellent lifestyle, he demanded a tequila made entirely of Blue Weber Agave agave.

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