Why Does Helen Drug The Wine?

In the Odyssey, she administers a particular medication to her visitors in order to make them forget their misfortunes. She injected a chemical into the wine that they drank, and they became ill. It was a protest against penthos as well as against rage. It had the effect of making one forget about everything horrible that had happened.

What drug did Helen put in the wine?

Nepenthe was given to Helen by Polydamna, who put it into the wine that Telemachus and Menelaus were drinking. Nepenthe has the ability of ″robbing sadness and rage of its sting and expelling all bitter memories,″ according to the Greeks.

What does Helen do to ease the men’s sorrows?

Then Jove’s daughter Helen sprang into her head and reminded her of something else. She put a medication in the wine, a plant that makes you forget about your worries, sorrows, and bad humor.

What did Helen do in the Odyssey?

Helen. She was the wife of Menelaus and the queen of Sparta. The Trojan War began with Helen’s kidnapping from Sparta by the Greeks, who later defeated them. Despite the fact that she is unrivaled in beauty, she has been blamed for caving in to her Trojan captors, which resulted in the deaths of many Greek soldiers.

How does Helen Help Odysseus?

Helen first appears in the Odyssey when Telemachos travels to Sparta in search of news about his father. The whole dinner discussion is spent with her telling him stories about Odysseus and trying to avoid starting any fights. (It’s possible that the fact that she poisons everyone’s beverages contributes to this.)

Who is Hermes in the Odyssey?

Hermes. Hermes is one of the Twelve Olympians, the gods’ herald and defender of human heralds, travelers, thieves, merchants, and orators. He is also known as the ″Herald of the Gods.″ He occurs three times in Homer’s epic poem. The first occasion is to send a message to Calypso, pleading for her to allow Odysseus to return home.

Who is Helen in the Odyssey?

Her mother and father were Zeus and Leda (Queen of Sparta), and she was the wife of Menelaus, the king of Sparta, according to legend. The Trojan Conflict began when Helen was kidnapped by Paris of Troy, and when Menelaus arrived to reclaim her, the war broke out. During the events of ″The Odyssey,″ Helen is shown as being content with Menelaus after he brought her back from Sparta.

For what did Eidothea use the perfume Ambrosia?

The year is 18192 (f.). Using its natural aroma, Eidothea (1) is able to protect Menelaus (1)’s troops from the odor of her father’s seals (Od. 4.

How do Menelaus and Helen compare with Nestor as hosts?

4-1) How do Menelaus and Helen fare in their role as hosts in comparison to Nestor? They welcome them and bring them into the house without any reluctance, and they don’t even ask for their names until after they’ve bathed and eaten. They are interfering with their own problems once more. They don’t try to take advantage of them or manipulate them.

Why did Odysseus decide that he did not want to marry Helen?

He didn’t want to attend because he had just given birth to a son, but he had sworn a promise to King Tyndareus that he would protect Helen and Menelaus’ marriage. His only way out was to appear to be insane and start spreading salt throughout his farmlands, but King Menelaus demonstrated he wasn’t insane by placing his kid in front of his plow to prove he wasn’t.

Why did Helen betray Troy?

Helen, however, escaped to Troy with Paris, the son of the Trojan ruler Priam, during Menelaus’ absence, an act that ultimately resulted in the Trojan War. As a result of Paris’s death, Helen married Deiphobus, the brother of Paris, whom she betrayed to Menelaus once Troy had been taken.

What did Helen of Troy actually look like?

Helen of Troy is a historical figure who lived during the time of the Romans. A Spartan queen 3,500 years ago would have had ferocious, kohl-rimmed eyes, scarlet tattoos of suns on her chin and cheeks, her hair shaved as a teenager and subsequently adorned in snake-like costumes, if Helen symbolizes the genuine aristocracy of the Bronze Age Aegean, as we know.

What archetype Does Helen represent explain your answer?

Consequently, although Clytemnestra more clearly embodies the archetypal opposition to Penelope, Helen (as Penelope’s wife) is more complicated and ambiguous since she is undefined and boundless, despite the fact that her mythos is one of shame. She embodies the unfathomable and enigmatic character of women, as well as the goddess and lover archetypes, among other things.

What does Homer say about Helen?

Helen, according to Homer, is a lady who possesses god-like beauty. She was so stunningly gorgeous that even some of Troy’s most sophisticated gentlemen could see why the two sides were fighting over a single woman in the first place.

What does Helen say about Odysseus?

What exactly does Helen have to say about Odysseus? It was only after she recognized him that he confessed to her that he had been slipping into Troy as a beggar in order to acquire information. What strategy had been devised by the suitors to deal with Telemachus’s presence? They made the decision to ambush him as he was returning home.

Why does Menelaus still value Helen?

Despite the fact that Helen’s elopement with Paris was responsible for the Trojan War, why does Menelaus continue to appreciate and embrace Helen? She is still stunningly gorgeous, and he holds the gods responsible for her acts rather than herself. What lessons would Telemachus be able to learn from Menelaus’ account of the Old Man of the Sea, Proteus, in his quest to track down his father?

What did Helen put in the wine as it was served?

She pours a potion into the wine while it is being served and then tells the story of Odysseus’s exploits. While at Troy, he had disguised himself as a beggar, and Helen had learned his true identity, but had agreed not to expose it to the Trojans until after the battle.

Who gave Helen the drug of such sovereign power and virtue?

Helen had been given this medication, which had such royal power and virtue, by Polydamna, the wife of Thon, a lady from Egypt, where there are many different kinds of plants, some of which are beneficial to put into the mixing bowl and others which are deadly. Furthermore, because they are of the Paeeon race, every single person in the whole country is a highly trained physician.

What did Asphalion do to the wine?

They did this when a servant, Asphalion, poured water on their hands and instructed them to place their hands on the pleasant things that were in front of them. Then Jove’s daughter Helen sprang into her head and reminded her of something else. She put a medication in the wine, a plant that makes you forget about your worries, sorrows, and bad humor.

How did Helen try to lure Odysseus’s comrades from Troy?

A servant, Asphalion, poured water over their hands, and they then placed their hands on the good objects that were placed in front of them to symbolize their blessings. Another issue came up when Helen, Jove’s daughter, reminded her of it. She put a medicine in the wine, a plant that makes you forget about your worries, sorrows, and bad moods all at once.

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