How Much Money Did Casa Migos Tequila Sell For?

It’s the true story of George Clooney’s tequila brand Casamigos, which was purchased by Diageo for $1 billion.

Who owns Casamigos Tequila?

Gerber created the nightlife firms Midnight Oil and the Gerber Group, while Meldman is a real estate mogul who has made a fortune in the financial sector. Casamigos, which translates to ″house of friends,″ began as a private collection of tequilas intended just for Gerber and Clooney’s friends and family, before expanding to include the public.

Is George Clooney selling his tequila company Casamigos?

The sale of George Clooney’s tequila brand Casamigos to Diageo may fetch up to $1 billion, according to the company’s announcement Wednesday.

How much is Casamigos worth?

As stated in the release, ″The transaction values Casamigos at up to $1 billion, with initial consideration set at $700 million and an additional potential $300 million based on a performance-linked earn-out over a 10-year period, reflecting the brand’s exceptional growth trajectory and upside potential.″ WATCH: George and Amal Clooney Celebrate the Birth of Twins!

How much was Casamigos tequila sold for?

A million cases of Casamigos Tequila have been sold after its acquisition by beverages giant Diageo in 2017. The brand was founded by George Clooney and Rande Gerber and sold to the company in 2017.

How much did George Clooney make on Casamigos sale?

Casamigos was bought by the British liquor company Diageo for $700 million earlier this year………. If Casamigos achieves sales objectives over the next ten years, the company might get a $300 million incentive depending on sales. According to Forbes, Clooney got an estimated $233 million as a result of the agreement.

Did Casamigos get bought out?

Casamigos was bought by Diageo in 2017 in a deal valued at up to US$1 billion. Diageo initially paid US$700 million for the brand, with the possibility of paying an additional US$300 million over the next ten years, depending on how well Casamigos performs in the market.

What did Casamigos sell for?

Casamigos is derived from the Spanish words casa (home) and amigos (friends), which translates as ‘house of friends.’ It was bought by the international beverage firm Diageo in June 2017 for $700 million, with an option to purchase a further $300 million if the brand’s performance warranted it.

Why did Casamigos get so popular?

What Caused Casamigos to Become So Popular? According to CEO Lee Einsidler, Casamigos continued to operate as normal in 2020, despite the fact that the industry as a whole was struggling. Takeaway cocktails made for a significant portion of sales on the on*trade, and the business’s performance was aided by ″rapid growth in the off*trade,″ according to the company.

Why is Casamigos so popular now?

It’s no secret that Casamigos is a favorite among the Hollywood elite owing to its co-founder George Clooney, but it also has a lot of substance to go along with its flashy appearance. Casamigos Tequila is produced in the Jalisco highlands from 100 percent agave, making it one of the smoothest and most natural tasting tequilas on our list.

How does Casamigos feel?

Initially, it has a smoother mouth feel than the rest of the blend, but the finish is significantly harsher (or’scratchy’). After a couple of hours with Casamigos Tequila, we came to the conclusion that, while it was nice and sippable, it did not live up to the high price tag.

How much is a liter of Casamigos?


Size 1L
Proof 80.00

How much is a shot of Casamigos?

The shot contains five fluid ounces of alcohol. What Is the Cost of a Casamigos Shot?

Type Size Price
Casamigos Reposado 750ml $42.99 – $45.99
Casamigos Blanco 750ml $39.99 – $41.99
Casamigos Mezcal Joven 750ml $49.99 – $54.99

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