How Long Does Rum Last?

If the bottle/container is properly sealed and largely evaporation-free, the rum’s content and drinkability (for up to 6 months) will be preserved. Despite the fact that the rum’s quality rapidly deteriorates after it has been opened, once the bottle has been opened, it has an indefinite shelf life (depending on how well it is preserved).

A bottle of rum that has not been opened will not spoil. Unopened rum may survive for decades upon decades if kept refrigerated. However, once the bottle is opened, the rum depletes quickly. It is recommended that you consume rum within six months of opening it by Seaspirits Distillery, expert rum distillers.

What is the shelf life of rum?

Rum has an unlimited shelf life, which is true. As a result, your bottle of Captain Morgan, Plantation, or Bacardi should remain secure in the cabinet, as long as the seal has not been broken and the bottle has not been opened before. Providing you maintain it sealed and unopened until 2050, the wine should still be perfectly safe to consume.

Does rum go bad or expire?

In other words, whether it’s a bottle that’s been hanging about for years waiting to be savored or one that’s been opened and waiting to be completed, the rum will very certainly be great.Continue reading if you want to understand more about rum storage, shelf life, and whether or not rum can truly go bad.Rum should be stored in the same way as other spirits, such as whiskey, should be stored.

What happens to rum once it’s opened?

Once the bottle is opened, extra oxygen is introduced into the bottle, causing the rum to oxidize. Slowly. It will continue to be safe to drink for years and years, but the flavors will vary – after a year or two, it will most likely turn more vanilla in flavor, which you may find to be a pleasant change if you enjoy vanilla.

Should rum be stored in a pourer?

Once the bottle has been opened, it is important to remember to keep it firmly closed while it is not being utilized.Don’t even think of storing a bottle of rum with the pourer still attached.You might wonder why not.

It takes a long time for a bottle of booze to evaporate if it is not firmly sealed after opening.Furthermore, because alcohol evaporates more quickly than water, the rum progressively gets milder.

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