Quick Answer: Who Owns Sugarlands Shine??

“Moonshiners” Stars Partner with Sugarlands Distilling Company.

Gatlinburg, Tenn.

— Sugarlands Distilling Company has joined forces with master moonshine distillers Steve “Tickle” and Mark Rogers, two of the most popular personalities from the hit TV show “Moonshiners.”

Is Sugarland moonshine gluten free?

Not gluten free. All moonshine is generally considered “Gluten Free.”

What is Moonshare?

Now, it generally means some type of grain-based, usually corn, RAW liquor. Raw meaning it’s unaged – straight out of the tap, or money-piece, straight into a jar, and straight onto the shelf.” Sugarlands is made in the heart of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Sugarlands Moonshine. Moonshare Program.

What proof is Ole Smoky Moonshine?

Original Moonshine (100 proof), White Lightnin’™ (100 proof), Lightnin’ Line (80 proof): Strawberry Lightnin’, Lemon Drop Lightnin’ and Hunch Punch Lightnin’TM, and the 40 proof line including: Moonshine Cherries™, Peach Moonshine™, Apple Pie Moonshine™, Blackberry Moonshine™, Strawberry Moonshine™, Lemon Drop

Is Mark and Digger married?

While Mark and Digger have no problem putting their illegal business in front of cameras, the same can’t be said for their personal life. It is well-known that Mark is married – his wife has been spotted by fans at moonshine-related events — but very little is known about his real-life partner.

What proof is climax moonshine?

Climax Moonshine is pot-distilled from an original family recipe using corn, rye and barley malt mash, resulting in a 90-proof spirit. A 750-ml bottle of Climax Moonshine retails for approximately $29.99.

Does soju have gluten?

Soju. Most brands of soju are made in South Korea. While soju is traditionally made from rice, wheat, or barley, modern producers often replace rice with other starches such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, or tapioca.

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