What Exactly Is Tequila Kiss?

Instructions. Ice cubes should be placed in a glass. 1 shot of tequila should be added. Finish with a Welch’s Sparkling Strawberry Daiquiri Juice Cocktail to complete the experience. Garnish with strawberries and mint leaves for a festive touch.

Depending on where the agave was cultivated, as well as the type of tequila, the flavor of tequila will differ. Tequila blanco is the purest kind of tequila, having an earthy, semi-sweet flavor that is unmistakably agave in flavor. Tequila from the lowlands has a fruitier and earthier flavor, whilst tequila from the highlands has a greener and brighter flavor.

How do you drink tequila in Mexico?

Tasting Tequila straight at room temperature without the addition of fruit slices or salt is the most traditional method in Mexico. Drinking equal-sized shots of tequila and sangrita (little blood in Spanish), a classic Mexican cocktail generally mixed with orange juice, lime juice, pomegranate juice and spicy chilli sauce, is popular in various parts of the country.

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