What Is George Straits Favorite Codigo Tequila?

In fact, George Strait’s favorite drink, ″Codigo,″ is named after the brand of Tequila that Strait enjoys drinking the most. Not only is it his favorite brand, but he also has a stake in it as a co-owner.

Strait’s favorite tequila is Código’s Aejo expression, and he loves to drink his tequila on the rocks or chilled, depending on the occasion.

What tequila does George Strait drink?

7 out of 104 George Strait, the country music superstar, is a partner in the Código 1530 tequila brand, which is available in blanco, reposado, aejo, and extra aejo varieties. Código de gracias / Código 1530 More information may be found at Display Fewer Objects

What is the best tequila in the world?

You’re going to require a lot of money. Código 1530 is without a doubt one of the top tequilas on the market today. The King, which is co-owned by the legendary George Strait, is known for its famous motto, ″if it’s not your favorite, you haven’t tried it.″

What is the meaning behind Código by George Strait?

A laid-back Jimmy Buffett mood pervades ″Código,″ which is as much about the culture and lifestyle of the area around Jalisco, Mexico, where the majority of tequilas are produced as it is about the spirit that is contained within the bottle. Nonetheless, it wasn’t only the song’s lyrics that drew Strait into it.

What brand of tequila does George Strait drink?

When it comes to his next release, country icon George Strait is talking tequila — specifically, a limited-edition version of his famed Código 1530 Tequila brand. Strait, who co-founded Código 1530 with a group of pals a few years ago (and even produced a song with the same name), has released a Special Edition Double Barrel: Rosa-Reposado Tequila, which is available in limited quantities.

Who owns Codigo tequila?

Federico ‘Fede’ Vaughan, CEO and Co-Founder of Código 1530 Tequila, has long been the guardian of a secret family recipe created by a committed, multi-generational family of Tequila producers, which he has passionately shared with his inner circle of friends at his house in Cabo San Lucas.

What is Codigo tequila worth?

What Is the Value of Codigo Tequila? The Code tequilas are priced from $ 49 and $299 a bottle, with the majority of them falling in the middle of that range. Its liquid originates from an agave plant that is supposed to have been sourced from better plants, and no chemicals or additives are added at any time during the distillation process, according to the company’s website.

Does George Strait own Código 1530 Tequila?

This Christmas season, George Strait has revealed the latest expression in his Código 1530 tequila brand, which he has been developing for more than three years with an investment from the country musician (he even named a song after it).

What is George Strait’s favorite whiskey?

Strait’s favorite tequila is the Codigo Reposado, which he uses in his favorite drink of all time, the ‘El Rey’ Paloma, which is made with Codigo Reposado tequila, club soda, a squeeze of lime, and a splash of grapefruit juice, among other ingredients.

What does 1530 mean on Codigo?

Código 1530 was the name he gave to the whiskey. Código is Spanish for ″code,″ and it refers to the tradition of their tequila-making skills, which have been supplemented with contemporary accents and are continually striving for perfection, as well as their dedication to quality. Codigo 1530’s website, codigo1530.com, contains a full description of the production process.

Is Codigo Mexican owned?

The super-premium spirit first appeared on store shelves in 2016, after being made privately by five Mexican families for more than a century. And, despite the fact that the company’s big debut was the brainchild of a handful of individuals from north of the border, Código is careful to honor its Mexican roots in both its branding and manufacturing.

Does Codigo have additives?

In addition to being all-natural, Codigo 1530 does not include any chemicals, sugar, or flavoring. They exclusively utilize organic local yeast in the creation of their product, and all of the water they use in the process is sourced from freshwater pools and precipitation that has been filtered through the volcanic soil of the Los Bajos region before usage.

Does George Strait have a whiskey?

The latest collaboration between George Strait and Código 1530 Tequila is available for purchase for $124.99.

What alcohol does George Strait have?

George Strait, the country music superstar, has been sipping the secret and unnamed Anejo tequila for years, long before it was given a name. He even went so far as to write a song about it. George Strait is giving away an extremely limited edition bottle of his Codigo 1530 Anejo Tequila to his fans as a thank you for their support.

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