What Is Sancerre Wine Like?

Typically dry and light- to medium-bodied, white wines from Sancerre are characterized by notes of citrus, flint, sea salt, honeysuckle, and freshly cut herbs.

Inquire with Decanter Known for exquisite dry white wines that combine citrus, green fruit, and grassy flavors with great structure and crisp acidity, Sancerre is currently a Sauvignon Blanc stronghold in France’s Loire Valley, where the grape is grown in abundance. The Sancerre vineyards are located above Chavignol. Photograph courtesy of robertharding / Alamy Stock Photo

What does Sancerre taste like?

The style varies from producer to producer, but a typical Sancerre has aromas and flavors of stone fruit (apricot), white flowers, and especially notes of freshly cut hay or a light herbaceous quality, such as yellow pepper or even asparagus, in addition to a light herbaceous quality.

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