What Kind Of Barrels Is Tequila Aged In?

Ageing takes place in wood barrels or storage tanks for a period ranging from two to eleven months. A golden colour appears on the surface of the spirit, and the taste becomes an excellent balance between the Agave and wood tastes. When it comes to barrel aging, there are several various types of wood to choose from, with the most prevalent being American or French oak.

Which tequilas are not aged?

The blanco (also known as plata, white, or silver) and joven (a mixto) varieties of tequila are the only ones that are not matured. Blanco tequilas can be kept in stainless steel containers that are well sealed, however this does not cause the tequila to mature. Reposado, aejo, and extra aejo are all matured in barrels or tubs made of wood (usually oak).

How long do barrels last?

Tequila barrels have a lifespan of 25-30 years, while each batch of tequila has a lifespan of just five years, by which time all of the tannins have been completely absorbed into the tequila. After each usage, the amount of wood absorbed by the tequila decreases, requiring the tequila to be exposed to the wood for a longer period of time in order to be influenced by the wood.

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