Where Can I Buy Cruzan Rum?

Cruzan Rum also produces a pure cane distillate alcohol (189-proof), which can be found in the pharmacy area of most grocery stores in the United States in addition to Cruzan Rum.

2018 CRUZAN International, Chicago, Illinois, United States.Cruzan® Rum and Cruzan® Rum with Natural Flavors, 21 percent -75.5 percent Alc./Vol.Cruzan Viril Ltd.is the trademark holder for all CRUZAN trademarks, including the CRUZAN logo.All trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective holders.

CRUZAN rum distillery is located in #3 & 3A Estate Diamond in Frederiksted, St.Croix, United States of America Virgin Islands (00840).

Do they still make Cruzan rum?

Cruzan Rum (/krun/ KROO-zhn) is a rum distillery in Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, owned by Beam Suntory. It produces rum in small batches. Cruzan Rum is a rum produced by Cruzan.

Cruzan Rum bottle at Mountain Hill, St. Thomas, USVI
Location of Show map of Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands Show map of the U.S. Virgin Islands Show all
Address 3A, Frederiksted St Croix 00840, USVI

Is Cruzan Rum any good?

Cruzan® Matured Dark Rum is an excellent combination of rums that have been aged for two to four years in charred oak barrels. With each patient sip, the smooth, medium-bodied, fragrant flavor of Cruzan® Aged Dark Rum is revealed. In addition to being rich in color and structure, the aroma and flavor of this rum are notably clean and strong.

How many flavors of Cruzan rum are there?

A portfolio of 15 fruit-flavored rums has been produced by Cruzan®, making it one of the most strong fruit-flavored rum lines on the market. Cruzan rum is made to the highest possible standards, employing only natural ingredients and a proprietary distillation technique to create each and every drop.

What type of rum is Cruzan?

Description of the product. Cruzan® Matured Light Rum is a combination of rums that have been aged one to four years in American oak barrels before being subjected to a filtration procedure that brings out the full-bodied flavor of the blend. The pale hue is similar to that of chardonnay, which is a distinguishing characteristic of its age.

Is Cruzan Rum cheap?

6. Cruzan Light Rum that has been aged. Isn’t it true that bottom shelf rum is inexpensive? Although it is an older product, it is still just slightly more expensive than $10 for a 750ml bottle.

Can you order Cruzan Rum online?

Cruzan Rum can be delivered or picked up. Buy your favorite Cruzan rum online with Instacart. Order aged rum, black rum, cachaca, and other alcoholic beverages from local and national retailers near you and receive on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within two hours of placing your order.

Does Cruzan Rum get you drunk?

Mixed with a little juice, this rum is really easy to drink; in fact, it may be a touch too easy. It should come as no surprise that this rum will make you intoxicated in a short period.

Where is Cruzan rum bottled?

Cruzan Rum and Captain Morgan Rum are produced in the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix, which is also regarded as the ″Rum Capital of the World″ (Diageo). The Cruzan Rum distillery, which was established on St. Croix in 1760 and is located on the grounds of the famous sugar estate Estate Diamond, has been producing rum since that time.

How much alcohol is in Cruzan rum?

Name Drink Type Alcohol Content (%) ↓
Cruzan Rum Cream Liquor 15
Cruzan Mango Rum Liquor 27.5
Cruzan Banana Rum Liquor 27.5
Cruzan Coconut W/50ml Raspbry Liquor 27.5

Is Cruzan rum sweet?

Cruzan Black Cherry Rum US Virgin Islands- Cruzan Black Cherry Rum is a smooth rum with the sweet, slightly tart flavor of selected cherries. Cruzan Black Cherry Rum is produced in the US Virgin Islands.

How strong is Cruzan?

The residents of Cruzan’s native island of St. Croix are all too familiar with this mysterious power. Cruzan Hurricane Proof rum, bottled at 137 proof, pays tribute to the indomitable spirit that has helped Cruzan to stay strong in the face of calamity – a bold message that we can weather any storm if we work together.

Is there a Cruzan Rum shortage?

Our workers are looking ahead and contributing to the long-term rehabilitation of the United States Virgin Islands, thanks to the fortitude, character, and devotion of the Cruzan team, led by Master Distiller Gary Nelthropp, he added. According to the company’s news release, there would be no shortages of raw materials available.

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