Where Is Cava Antigua Tequila Made?

Cava Antigua®, ″Excelencia en Tequila®,″ is a tequila produced by Cava Antigua®.Tequila made entirely from blue agave is a beautiful and excellent, double-distilled premium tequila that has been meticulously created to perfection in the most traditional of ways.We hand-pick the ripest agaves from the rich, red soil of the highlands of Jalisco that have reached full maturity between 8 and 10 years after planting them.

OVERVIEW. Cava Antigua’s proprietary bottle is a one-of-a-kind glass blown bottle that involves 21 manual stages from start to finish throughout its production.

Tequila, also known as Cava Antigua Anejo, is a distilled alcoholic beverage produced largely in Mexico from the blue agave plant. Historically, the drink may be traced back to a beverage known as pulque, which was manufactured in Central America prior to the region’s colonization by Spain in the sixteenth century. Notes on the Tasting of Cava Antigua Anejo Tequila

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