How Should You Store Tequila?

Keeping tequila in the right place Tequila, like practically any other alcoholic beverage (with the exception of some liqueurs), should be kept in a cold, dry environment. Consequently, the pantry appears to be your best option, but if you don’t intend to open the bottle within a few weeks or months, you may keep it in the basement (if there isn’t enough room in the pantry).

How long can you drink tequila after opening it?

It is advised that you drink tequila within a couple of months of opening the bottle for the first time, while the quality is still at its peak. As previously stated, the quality of tequila gradually deteriorates over time once it has been opened in the bottle. This means that keeping an opened bottle for more than a year or two may not be a good choice in most cases.

What is the best way to store liquor?

When it comes to liquor storage, the rule of thumb is to keep it in a dry, dark, cold location away from sources of direct sunlight and heat. Your kitchen pantry or cupboard would suffice for this purpose as well. Always remember to put the cap back on the bottle when it’s not in use to avoid oxidization and evaporation, as well as the possibility of pollutants getting inside of it.

Why does my Tequila get milder after opening?

With time, your tequila will gradually become milder due to the fact that alcohol evaporates more quickly than water (after opening the bottle for the first time).

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