Often asked: Where Are The Gems For The Beer Stein In Resident Evil 4?

Where is the Yellow Catseye in Resident Evil 4?

Location. It is found in Chapter 2-3 after you cross the lifts. Before going down the last flight of stairs, go left and kill 3 or 4 enemies on the way. After you climb a ladder, there is a treasure chest that contains the Yellow Catseye.

What is the Green Catseye in Resident Evil 4?

The Green Catseye is an optional treasure item in the main game of Resident Evil 4 and a necessary one to advance in the Separate Ways sidegame. It is worth 3,000₧ and can be combined with the Beerstein.

Where are all the blue medallions in Resident Evil 4?

They are found in the following places: Hanging off the tree near the entrance to Pueblo. This is the same tree where you find the About the Blue Medallions file. Hanging in the window frame of the central barn building containing cattle.

Should I sell treasures in Resident Evil 4?

More items=good. But dont always sell off your treasures when you get them. There’s 3 items (Beerstein, Elegant Mask and Lynx statue) that you need to gather up gems for that will sell for more once you complete them. But otherwise sell everything off as soon as you can.

What fits in the elegant mask?

A mask with 3 divots like something might fit inside. An elegant mask that looks valuable. You can sell this to the merchant to make some extra Pesetas. However, if you combine it with the Red Gem, the Green Gem and the Purple Gem, the value will increase.

What goes in the Beerstein re4?

The Beerstein is a treasure item in Resident Evil 4. It is a decorative mug that can later be fitted with the Green Catseye, the Red Catseye, and the Yellow Catseye. Sold by itself it is only worth 3,000₧ but combined with all other treasures it is worth 20,000₧.

How do I get into the church re4?

When the base of the graveyard is clear, start making your way towards the church on the hill to the east. As you do, three more not-zombies will come at you, and one of them has dynamite! Clear them out to get access to the church.

Is the handgun or Punisher better?

re: punisher or handgun

I’d say get the Punisher, sell the handgun because the Punisher is much better then the Handgun, for instance it can shoot though 1 enemy an into another which is good for conserving ammo, but when the opportunity comes buy the Blacktail or the RED 9 later on they are much better handguns.

How long does it take to beat Resident Evil 4?

If you’re a completionist, expect Resident Evil 4 to take up to 30 hours or more to fully conquer. Those in a hurry who just want to blitz through the main story will probably be able to do so in 10-12 hours.

What happens if you get all 15 blue medallions?

When the player reaches the Merchant, he asks the character if they have seen the Blue Medallions and informs that if ten are shot, he’ll give you a specialized handgun. If all fifteen medallions are shot before collecting the prize, the Merchant will give the gun with a free upgrade in firepower.

What is the best pistol in Resident Evil 4?

The best handguns are the Blacktail and the Red9. The only thing that makes the Red9 worth getting instead of the blacktail is its exclusive upgrade. If the Red9 didn’t have the 5.0 firepower upgrade, its maximum firepower when fully upgraded would be 3.5.

Can you upgrade the Punisher in Resident Evil 4?

The Exclusive Upgrade for the Punisher allows you to shoot through five enemies at once! It costs 40,000 PTAS. You get the Punisher for free if you shoot 10 blue medallions. However, if you shoot all 15 before purchasing it, you‘ll get it for free and it the Firepower will be upgraded to Level 2.

What happens if you kill the merchant in Resident Evil 4?

The player can actually kill the Merchant. His body will not fade, and he will respawn in that specific spot after some time in Amateur and Normal difficulties, but not in Professional, where he will never come back. The Merchant also has a bottle cap modeled after him.

Can I sell the Illuminados pendant?

The Illuminados Pendant is a treasure item in Resident Evil 4. It appears as a gold pendant with a red jewel and bears the insignia of Los Iluminados (misspelt “Los Illuminados” in English localisation). The pendants can be sold for 12,000₧ each.

How do you kill Verdugo?

The player can kick Verdugo via action command when it is initially frozen. After a varied amount of time, the Verdugo will break out of its nitrogen casing and return to normal again. While frozen, it receives tripled damage and a direct hit from a Rocket Launcher will be an instant kill.

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