Readers ask: In The 70s Where Was The Only Place You Would Purchase Coors Beer?

When did Coors beer come out?

Since Adolph Coors began bottling the brew in 1873, the operation has expanded into a $585 million business, employing some 7,500, most of them in the brewery and related facilities sprawled on 3,100 acres in Golden.

Why was Coors beer illegal to buy in most states?

Because of laws surrounding preservation and pasteurization, Coors was illegal to distribute in many states, including those east of the Mississippi River. For all the silliness in Smokey and the Bandit, the movie’s primary plot point was based on an element of truth.

When would you buy Coors east of the Mississippi?

Coors didn’t get national distribution until 1986. Which is why, in the 1970s, Coors wasn’t actually licensed to sell east of the Mississippi, making it, briefly, a rare and sought-after product.

Was Coors illegal in the east of Texas?

Coors didn’t pursue distribution east of Texas, though, contributing to the lager’s massive – and sometimes illegal – following. Coors‘ exclusivity prompted smugglers to seek out the beer, even inspiring the plot of the 1977 classic film Smokey and the Bandit.

What is the oldest beer in the world?

Weihenstephan Brewery – Weihenstephan, Germany

The Weihenstephan Brewery began brewing beer in 1040, and is widely regarded as the oldest brewery in the world – though the nearby Waltenburg started brewing only ten years later and often disputes the claim.

Why was Coors illegal in the 70s?

Because Coors is a very light beer and it wasn’t pasteurized in the 1970s, it was as perishable as milk is. To protect the good name of their company, they lobbied all the transport officials east of the Mississippi to not issue alcohol permits to loads of Coors.

Is Coors still unpasteurized?

Coors was famous in those years for under-advertising. As far as I know, Coors Light (introduced 1978) and Coors Banquet Beer remain, in 2020, cold-filtered and unpasteurized in the United States.

What’s the difference between Coors Banquet and Coors Original?

Coors Banquet, now Coors Original, is more full bodied (than Coors Light). It’s inspired by the original Coors recipe. So you look way back to when it hit in 1873, the recipe has been tweaked over the years, but it’s a version of that original recipe.”

Did Jerry Reed really drive the truck?

For many of his driving scenes, Jerry Reed wasn’t actually driving the big rig. The truck was loaded on a low-boy flatbed trailer and towed around by another 18-wheeler.

Why would you not buy Coors east of the Mississippi?

A: It wasn’t south of Texas – it was east of the Mississippi River. Coors was not licensed to be sold in the east at that time (it, of course, is different today). Anyone carrying more than what would be considered for personal consumption (about 24 beers) would be in violation of the registration and licensing law.

Is Coors beer always kept cold?

that’s beer 101, everybody knows that. It is basically inevitable for beer to change temperatures, often drastically unfortunately, but it doesn’t have to be, Coors kept their product cold years ago, and if you put it in your fridge right away after purchase it never warned up.

Is Coors a pilsner?

Some of the most popular and iconic beers like Budweiser, PBR, and Coors, are made in the Pilsner style. When it comes to Pilsner versus Lager, you need to remember that Pilsner is a just a type of Lager, but a bit lighter in color and with a strong spicy flavor.

Why is it called Coors Banquet?

Founded in 1873, Coors was nicknamed “Banquet Beer” by Clear Creek Canyon miners, who’d drink it in banquet halls or huge banquet tents when there were no halls. The name didn’t become official until 1937, when Coors sought to combat the Depression with a strain of nostalgia that somehow didn’t involve the 1980s.

Is Coors still brewed in Colorado?

The company will continue to operate its Coors distribution wing in Colorado, as well as its Blue Moon Brewing facility in Denver’s River North, smaller brand divisions such as AC Golden Brewing and, of course, the 146-year-old, Golden-based Coors Brewery, one of the oldest companies in Colorado.

What car was in Smokey and the Bandit?

The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit is one of the most famous movie cars of all time. A 1977 special-edition model once owned by the late actor Burt Reynolds recently wound up on the car auction website Bring a Trailer.

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