What Ever Happened To Justin From The Free Beer And Hot Wings Show?

Who got fired from free beer and hot wings?

Now He’s A Podcaster. Eric Zane was once flying high as part of the Free Beer & Hot Wings syndicated morning show. After 15 years on the show, he wore out his welcome and they let him go.

Why did Zane leave free beer and hot wings?

According to Zane, he was suspended after making comments about the DeltaPlex and its owner and fired about a week later.

Did Joe from free beer and hot wings get divorced?

Free Beer & Hot Wings host Joe Gassmann returned to the air during the show’s 8 a.m. hour on Thursday, May 24. Gassmann had been suspended from the program following an arrest for domestic battery in March. However, his hours-long story started by Gassmann describing his divorce from his wife of four years.

Where is Eric Zane now?

Zane, formerly on Grand Rapids morning radio for years and currently host of the podcast The Eric Zane Show is in Los Angeles for the surgery Wednesday.

Where are free beer and hot wings from?

The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show is a syndicated morning talk radio show broadcast primarily from the Townsquare Media radio station WGRD-FM in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

When did wings start?

Deep-fried chicken wings have long been a staple of Southern cooking. But the concept of cooking wings in peppery hot sauce was born in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, when co-owner Teressa Bellissimo cooked leftover wings in hot sauce as a late-night snack for her son and his friends.

How old are free beer and hot wings?

The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show began full syndication in 2004 with the addition of WGRD in Grand Rapids, MI. Joe joined the show in 2005, followed by Steve in 2009 and Kelly in 2019. The show is now heard on radio stations in 26 different states.

What time is dumber than the show trivia?

Listen every day for your chance to play Dumber Than The Show Trivia at 8:40 Eastern / 7:40 Central.

How do you text free beer and hot wings?

We got a ton of texts every morning at 1-800-947-3979. But this one was by far the best text we got this morning! THIS, folks, is a great example of Show Code!

Is Hot Wings single?

Hot Wings is married to Kerri. Together, they have two sons, Grayson and Liam.

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