What Is A Wine Pull?

How do you get wine to donate to a wine pull?

Go to a local store that sells wine. This can be a small local wine store or a large chain, such as Whole Foods, Total Wine or Central Market. Ask them to set up a wine registry for your event. The wine manager will go through their wine and select bottles that your donors can buy on behalf of your organization.

What is a wine and whiskey pull?

I imagine that most of you have heard of the Wine Pull or Wall of Wine revenue generator that is facilitated at charity auction events. Guests play the same way with the exception that instead of a bottle of wine prize, the winners receive a bottle of whiskey.

What is a bottle pull?

Also known as a wine grab or cork pull, it is typically set up so a guest pays from $15 to $25 to bring home a mystery bottle of wine, in which the actual value could range from $5 to $100+.

How do you do a wine Survivor?

Wine Survivor

To play, a person needs to bring a bottle of wine ($15-20 value); a business card and a completed pledge form for United Way. Pull one or more business cards per day and send an email or announcement to participants with the names. The last name(s) remaining wins all the wine!

Is a wine pull considered a raffle?

They usually offer more prize levels and market their raffle as a chance to win an instant wine cellar. Each person who buys a wine pull raffle ticket then selects a number that corresponds to a bottle. A $20 raffle ticket may win a $100 bottle of wine or a $15 one.

Can you sell alcohol at a fundraising?

A standard general liability policy usually provides host liquor liability, which covers events where alcohol is provided free to guests, but not situations where alcohol is sold. However, in some cases, nonprofits sell alcoholic beverages at fundraising events.

How does a wine pull work?

Wine pulls are an additional fundraising strategy that you can incorporate into your charity auction or another fundraising event. Basically, you’ll sell supporters the opportunity to choose a random bottle of wine from a wall or table. The average wine pull is priced at around $25.

How do I host a wine tasting fundraiser?

How to Hold a Wine Tasting Fundraiser

  1. Set Specific Goals. Once you have decided to go with a wine tasting to help raise money, you need to determine exactly what your financial goal is.
  2. Create a Budget.
  3. Choose a Date and Reserve the Location.
  4. Take Care of the Legalities.
  5. Coordinate Volunteers.
  6. Acquire Wine.
  7. Make Art on Wine Bottles.
  8. Hold an Auction.

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