Who Owns Tequila Cowboy Columbus Ohio?

′′We’re bringing Music City to your community,′′ said Adam Hesler, president of TC Restaurant Group, the firm that operates the Tequila Cowboy.′′

Tequila Cowboy is a restaurant that is a part of the TC Restaurant Group. In addition to multiple restaurant franchises, including Jason Aldean’s Kitchen & Rooftop Bar, Crazy Town Nashville, Luigi’s City Pizza and Tequila Cowboy, the Ohio-based corporation also controls various other businesses.

When did Tequila Cowboy close in Columbus Ohio?

Tequila Cowboy is slated to close its doors for the last time on Tuesday, April 2.

Who owns TC Restaurant Group?

Kevin Keller works as the director of operations for the TC Restaurant Group, which is located in Marion, Ohio, and operates five restaurants in downtown Nashville.

Who owns Tequila Cowboy Pittsburgh?

Adam Hesler, president of TC Restaurant Group, the company that owns the Tequila Cowboy, stated, ″We’re bringing Music City to your community.″ It has inked a lease with Continental Real Estate Companies for the 16,000-square-foot facility adjacent to Stage AE, which will be used for the restaurant, which Mr. Hesler wants to launch in the early fall of this year.

Does Tequila Cowboy have a bull?

Tequila Cowboy is the only place on the North Shore where you may ride a mechanical bull! Come ride like the pros and put your strength to the test.. To experience the thrill of being recognized as a Nashville Star, visit Wanna B’s Karaoke Bar and sing your heart out to one of over 250,000 song selections.

Who owns Miranda Lambert bar in Nashville?

Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa Nashville serves up a fusion of Tex-Mex and Cantina cuisine. Mirinda Lambert and renowned chef Tomasz Wosiak collaborated on the creation of TEX-MEX dishes in the Nashville style, which were featured on the Food Network’s ″Good Eats″ series.

Who owns Jason Aldean’s Bar in Nashville?

According to the Nashville Journal, a facility on Lower Broadway in Nashville that was acquired by TC Restaurant Group in Ohio has been designated as Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar in Metro Nashville files.

Who owns Jason Aldean’s Restaurant?

Earlier this year, the Metro Historic Zoning Commission granted approval for the building of a 25-foot-tall rooftop tower for Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar, which will be located atop a complex of eateries owned by T.C Restaurant Group LLC.

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