Why Was Tila Tequila Suspended From Twitter?

It’s past time to do something. Because of her recent Neo-Nazi comments on Twitter, Tila Tequila’s Twitter account has been disabled indefinitely, according to the social media platform. In case you missed it, the Shot Of Love alum shared a photo of herself giving the Adolf Hitler salute, as well as a series of white nationalist comments, on her Instagram account.

Did Tila Tequila give a Nazi salute?

Tila Tequila poses for a photograph with two other people while doing the Nazi salute. Following a succession of neo-Nazi tweets that garnered significant attention over the weekend, when she attended a gathering of ″alt-right″ white supremacists in Washington, D.C., Twitter deactivated erstwhile social media star Tila Tequila’s account on Monday afternoon.

Why did Twitter delete Tequila Tequila’s account?

Twitter verified to BuzzFeed News that Tequila’s account had been terminated by the social media platform. The social network did not expand on the method through which it made the decision to delete Tequila’s account, although his tweets have previously sparked controversy for allegedly including hate speech. Tequila’s Twitter account was deactivated in April.

Who is Tila Tila Tequila?

The model, who was famously booted from Celebrity Big Brother after pro-Hitler statements were discovered on her social media, made her most recent ugly remarks after attending a ‘alt-right’ white nationalist gathering in Washington over the weekend, according to the Washington Post. Tila, who refers to herself as the ″Alt-reich Queen! ″, characterizes herself as follows:

Who is Alyssa Tequila?

Tequila has also been a prominent supporter of President-elect Donald Trump, as has been demonstrated here. In July, she published a faked photograph of herself dressed in Nazi garb with then-candidate Donald Trump on social media. After being photographed sporting a Donald Trump hat on Monday, her Facebook profile picture was updated.

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