Can You Legally Make Moonshine In Arkansas??

Arkansas law makes it illegal to own, possess or transport a still without a state permit.

The same prohibition applies to a still’s substantial parts, including a cooling coil.

Moreover, it is illegal to produce liquor without a license or to distribute liquor that has been illegally made.

Is it legal to make moonshine for personal use?

However, be advised it is illegal to distill alcohol without having either a “distilled spirits permit” or a “federal fuel alcohol permit.” It does not matter if the alcohol is for personal use only, not for sale, etc. A common misconception is that only stills 1 gallon and smaller are legal. This is not true.

Is it illegal to possess moonshine?

You can make small quantities of beer and wine for personal consumption, just not moonshine. It is illegal to possess or transport alcohol upon which the U.S. taxes haven’t been paid in the state. Virginia code says it’s also illegal to possess distilleries or distilling apparatus without a permit.

Is it legal to make moonshine in Missouri?

It is illegal to make moonshine by Federal law, but Missouri law does not forbid it as long as it is limited to 200 gallons per year.

Is it illegal to make wine?

The bill made it Federally legal for a single adult household to make up to 100 gallons of wine and beer each year, and up to 200 gallons for a households with two or more adults. This law still remains in effect to this day. Here are some things you should know: It is still very illegal to distill alcohol at home.

Is it legal to distill water?

It’s perfectly legal to own a still, and you can even use it, as long as you’re not making alcohol – so, you can make essential oils without a permit, or perfume, or distilled water. According to federal law, making beverage alcohol at home is illegal, plain and simple.

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