Question: Is Pitorro Illegal??


Also known as ron caña (cane rum), this is your basic illegal distilled moonshine, made from sugarcane.

Straight pitorro is just as strong as any other moonshine you may have tasted, with alcohol levels into the 120 proof or more.

This is not your average, by the numbers alcohol.

What is Puerto Rican moonshine called?

Pitorro is a distilled spirit from Puerto Rico, referred to as “moonshine rum.” Pitorro is usually much stronger than commercial rum. At times its alcohol content surpasses 100 proof. It is often homemade and a part of traditional Puerto Rican holiday celebrations, and used in Coquito.

What alcohol do Puerto Ricans drink?

Coquito. Another drink enjoyed at the holidays, coquito is often called Puerto Rican eggnog. Recipes vary from family to family, but the main ingredients include evaporated milk, condensed milk, coconut milk, cream of coconut, white rum, and spices like vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

What is Pitorro made out of?

Typically derived from sugarcane or molasses, pitorro is made the same way any rum is. After it’s rendered and distilled in a large vessel, the hooch then has an ample amount of fruit added to it in a process known as curing. Then it’s buried in the ground to ferment for an indeterminent amount of time.

What is the best rum in Puerto Rico?

Dark Rum

  • Bacardi, the world’s most popular rum, has a massive distillery located across the bay from Old San Juan.
  • Don Q is favored by many locals as the best rum in Puerto Rico.
  • Ron del Bariilito, the “Cognac of the Caribbean,” is a blend of rums aged six to 10 years in charred oak barrels.

What beer is made in Puerto Rico?

Medalla Light and Silver Key are commercial light lager beers produced by Compañía Cervecera de Puerto Rico. The first beer won first prize in 2005 for light beer in Brussels awarded by Monde Selection. Currently, it is the top selling beer in Puerto Rico.

Is Captain Morgan from Puerto Rico?

History. In 1944, the Seagram Company, based in Canada, started producing rum under the name Captain Morgan Rum Company. As part of the contract Seagram also licensed to Serralles the rights to produce and distribute the “Captain Morgan” brand in Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean until 2012.

What is a typical dish in Puerto Rico?

National dishes

  1. Arroz con dulce – Sweet sticky rice cooked in spices, ginger, milk, coconut milk, raisins, and rum.
  2. Arroz con gandules y lechón – Yellow rice and pigeon peas with roasted pork is the national dish.
  3. Asopao – Similar to gumbo, the soup is made with rice, shellfish, chicken, chorizo and other ingredients.

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