Why Cant They Say Martini In Va11 Ha11A?

However, there are now so many different styles of martini being made in addition to the traditional gin variety that even the type of martini you order will reveal your innermost secrets and tell your server whether they need to properly prepare your drink or if they can just give you any old boozy slop in a glass to keep you quiet for a little while.

Is VA-11 the only good bar in Glitch City?

He mentions that VA-11 is one of the only bars in Glitch City where he has never had major complaints, and if Jill does a good job, he compliments her on her bartending abilities. He also expresses regret over the potential of having to close the bar.

Who are the nicest patrons of va11 Hall-a?

Despite his profession as a hitman, he is one of the kindest patrons of VA11-Hall-A, and his presence there is well appreciated. He is also quite selective in his targets, only choosing those whom he believes deserve to be killed.

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