Who Owns Tequila Cowboy In Pittsburgh Pa?

Adam Hesler, president of TC Restaurant Group, the company that owns the Tequila Cowboy, stated, ″We’re bringing Music City to your community.″ It has inked a lease with Continental Real Estate Companies for the 16,000-square-foot facility adjacent to Stage AE, which will be used for the restaurant, which Mr. Hesler wants to launch in the early fall of this year.

What is Tequila Cowboy in Pittsburgh?

Although the name may deceive, Tequila Cowboy is much more than a simple bar and grill establishment. We are a live music venue dedicated to bringing the finest of Nashville to the heart of the Steel City. After all, what is a party without some form of musical accompaniment?

Why Tequila Cowboy Live Music?

Lover’s of Country Music, rejoice! The Tequila Cowboy’s live music stage is a great place to organize a business event or bring together friends and family from all around for a night filled with country flavor. The best local and national country bands perform on the stage every night.

What is there to do at Tequila Cowboys?

Flapjack Tacos, Nashville Chicken and Gravy, Bam Bam Waffles, and the only Brunch drink assortment you’ll ever need are among the menu highlights. Tequila Cowboys’ southern dining selections are guaranteed to please, with everything from mouthwatering appetizers to delectable entrees. The Little Red Corvette offers a variety of entertainment.

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